Rangers Apprentice

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Kirk Gibson
AP Literature
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January 14, 2013
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Conquer Difficult Challenges
During basketball practices my coach puts me in a position of great difficulty. He will place me on a team with the non-starters and we go against the team with the other four starters. My team lacks the height and experience factor while our opponent does not. Instead of giving up right way, my teammates and I take on the challenge. The other team took the scrimmage as an easy victory but instead we defeated them. Though we didn’t win our first couple of drills, we persevered and fought until we came out on top during the scrimmage. In John Flanagan’s book of “The Battle for Skandia”, Will, a boy who led an army to victory, didn’t surrender when he was outnumbered but instead took the challenge head on. “The Battle for Skandia”, fourth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice Series, expresses that even if someone is faced against tremendous odds, when they persevere, good things will happen. Will experiences many challenges he must conquer to save his friends and country. Will becomes addicted to a drug, his army is outnumbered, and his army possesses few resources, and has few skilled warriors. All of these things show that Will is the underdog of the story and most people like reading and cheering about them.

First off, Will is addicted to the drug Milk weed and is totally controlled by this drug. He must overcome this addiction if he wants to live. Many people can relate to this because becoming addicted to something is relatively easy. People that smoke have a hard time quitting for the simple fact that they are in desperate need of it. “Besides the presence of withdrawal syndrome upon cessation of smoking, research shows that smoking cigarettes behavior the vast majority (90%) of smokers find difficult to control” (Seidman). When hooked to a drug, the mind is taken over and the body constantly wants more. “Nicotine, found in tobacco, affects your central...
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