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12 Week Ranger Assessment and Selection Program Training Plan

Introduction Nothing is magic about this program. What will make this program work is you. Commit mentally to success and follow through with dedication and hard work. Although your muscles will eventually reach failure, never let your mind reach failure. Do not quit and approach this program and RASP with a fearless tenacity to go above and beyond the accepted “norm”. If you are happy being ordinary, don’t waste your/our time and stop reading now and go enjoy your life. If not, continue on relentlessly…

Before each PT event complete the Ranger Athlete Warrior Movement Preparation drills. Listed Below:

Movement Prep
Purpose: Bring metabolism from rest to exercise levels, loosen the major joints and muscle groups, prime nerve-to-muscle messages that improve total-body coordination – all in preparation for any physical activity that follows. Utilization: Before each PT session in all phases. Movement prep should be completed in about 10 minutes. Execution: Calisthenics may be performed in an extended, rectangular formation for large groups or in a circle for squads. Perform 3-5 repetitions for each exercise, beginning with slow movements through an easy range-of-motion, adding just a little speed and range-of motion with each repetition. Perform the movement drills as indicate below, using an extended, rectangular formation. The last four movement drills are performed over a 20 meter distance. Pause as need between exercises to avoid fatigue. After movement prep, the body should be warm, loose and primed for intense activity – but not fatigued.

Calisthenics Bend and Reach Around the World Squat Windmill Leg Whips Balance and Reach, Rearward Pushup+/Pushups/Rotations Squat-Reach-Jump


Movement Drills Side-Step Lunge (5 reps then reverse) Corkscrew Lunge (5 reps then reverse) Walking Lunge & Reach (10 steps each leg) Walking Bend and Reach (10 steps each leg) Verticals (down and back) Laterals (down and back) Crossovers (down and back) Shuttle Run (down-back-down)





At the end of each training session complete the Ranger Athlete Warrior Recovery Drills. Listed Below:

Recovery Flexibility Drill
Purpose: Safely decrease heart-rate, respiratory rate, body temperature; improve functional flexibility; replace nutrients. Utilization: After each PT session in all phases Execution: Walk as needed to bring the heart rate back to within about 20-30 beats of the resting level, then finish with the exercises below. The exercises with an * are considered motion exercises rather than static stretches, and need only be held for 1-3 seconds, 3-4 reps each side. The other exercises are stretches and should be held for 15-30s, 1 rep. The last four stretches are performed in standing. Rangers that find tight muscle groups should be encouraged to stretch on their own throughout the day. The stretch routine also provides a good opportunity for squad leaders to give their men feedback on the PT session. Immediately after the PT session, re-hydrate and restore nutrients. The optimal post-exercise meal for the RAW program meets the following criteria: 1) ingested within 30 minutes, 2) about 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein, 3) at least 250 calories. Exercise Order: Mountain Climber Stretch Seated Hip Rotations* Quadriceps Stretch (side-lying) Posterior Hip Stretch (supine) Scorpion* Rotational Spine Stretch (supine)* Prone Press* Prayer Stretch w/Diagonals Hip Flexor Stretch Hamstring Stretch 2-Part Gastroc-Soleus Stretch (wall or partner) Pectoralis Stretch (wall or partner)




Movement Preparation and Recovery Drills are essentially to ensure appropriate flexibility and movement is maintained and will also aid in the prevention of injury.

Before Starting the program take a week to test yourself by completed the following tests: Day 1: APFT + Max number of Chin-ups Day 2: 5 mile run for time Day3: 15 meter swim in ACUs and...
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