Rang de Basanti Notes

Topics: Nationalism, Bollywood, 21-gun salute Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 23, 2013
* Rang de Basanti
* “You Pakistani” scene. Police bribed. Extreme nationalism – no western music, dancing, etc. * Mother figure, mother India
* Around 30 mins, say what is there to be patriotic about? Corrpution, population, etc. But fighter pilot says no country is perfect, I’m still willing to give my life for my country. * Karan – college kid, pressure from father. Every second someone is born in this country, no one cares about them. Neither government nor God. Do something or else you will be one of them. “SMS generation” * Don’t take film seriously at first, make fun of the language. Different times, say they can’t relate. * Aslam – Muslim, with Hindu friends. Family portrayed as violent, hating Hindus because Muslims are not accepted in India. * Sue is disappointed that India is not the romantic country she thought it was? * They had found new heroes, and we had no one to blame but ourselves. We were hearing the echoes of our own guns. Scene of the Amritsar massacre. Men, women, children fired upon by Dyer’s armyas they tried to escape, women with babies jumping in wells. Boys say we are like ants, taking everything lying down/not reacting. Mom says this generation lacks will to do anything – someone part of the massacre went all the way to London to kill Dyer. Punjab families send at least one son to army, sacrifice runs in blood – militant portrayal of Punjabs? * Friends scene – saying maybe Ashfaq should go to Afghanistan, he will be safe with “his own”. Friend asks why am I not one of your own? First friend asks for forgiveness, it is as much your country as it is mine. * Not terrorists, revolutionaries. Tortured, but did not break. McKinley had a problem with the torture, Bismil said it is not your fault – you are just doing your duty. * Went to Ashfaq, said Bismil will create a country for Hindus. He said no, this is for the freedom on Hindustan, but you wouldn’t understand because you’ve been a slave to that kind...
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