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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Have you ever thought about alian life forms liveing among us on earth? It's true but there not from other planets. I've researched a science discovery that was very surprising to me because of everything we know, we didn't think this discovery was possible. In Antarctica some Russian and American scientist found evidence leading to potential life in seemingly inhospitable environments. This year was a big one for Antarctic exploration. After more than a decade of drilling, Russian scientists drilled through more than 2.5 miles of ice to reach the water of Lake Vostok's. Earler tests for life there didn't turn up much, but in Western Antarctica, a team of American researchers found life in the subfreezing waters of Lake Vida. That discovery suggests that life could potentially survive in seemingly inhospitable environments. These scientists were amazed to find so many never before seen species in such large numbers. Entire colonies of unknown yeti crabs, anemones, predatory sea stars with seven arms and pale octopus were found, piling on top of the vents, creeping on top of each other, at nearly 7,874 feet antarctic under the surface of the Southern Ocean. They were also surprised that they didn't find any of the tubeworms and mussels typically typically found in hydrothermal vents all over the world. It's a new type of ecosystem, that has led them to believe that the variety of organisms around vents all over the world must be more than what we previously thought, and has expanded to different levels of conditions. Lake Vostok is located 2.48 miles beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Lake Vostok, the deepest and most isolated of Antarctica's subglacial lakes, has been cut off from the atmosphere for at least 14 million years. They didnt expect water samples from Lake Vostok to contain alien life, though any life it would contain may have taken a slightly different evolutionary path than what appears on the planet today. So now do you think...
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