Random Qualitative Analysis - Cation Test

Topics: Sodium chloride, Flame, Hydrochloric acid Pages: 4 (739 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Write up for Qualitative Analysis 1.

Introduction- This experiment is for qualitative analysis so we are trying to find out what is in a substance. In this case we are using the flame test to try and discover what is in 4 unknown sample solutions that we have been given this is done by cross referencing the colour of the flame with 6 known solutions we test beforehand.

Aim- In this experiment we are attempting to distinguish what substances are in the 4 unknown solutions by cross referencing with the 6 known solutions we test beforehand.

Assumption- Not applicable for this experiment as we would have no clue as to what each unknown solution was.

Risk Assessment-
Material used/procedure-
* The Flame Test
* Gloves
* safety glasses
* lab coats
* Bunsen burners
* wire hoop
* 4 unknown solutions and 6 known solutions
* Hydrochloric acid
* Hydrochloric acid- Toxic, corrosive
* Barium Chloride- Toxic
* Calcium Chloride- Harmful
* Copper Sulphate- Harmful
* Lead Nitrate- Toxic, damaging to environment, oxidising * Potassium Nitrate- Oxidising
* Sodium Chloride- none unless there is contact with eyes * Bunsen burner- being burnt
What could go wrong?-
* Ingestion
* Contacts with eye
* Contact with bare skin
* Burning of skin/clothing
* Spilled solution/slippery floor
Safety precautions-
* Gloves to be worn
* Lab coats to be worn
* Safety glasses to be worn
* Walk with equipment carefully
* Keep chairs/stools under the table
* Keep bags under the table out the way
* No eating or drinking in the lab
* When not using the Bunsen burner turn to safety flame
In case of accident-
* Use eye wash station
* Fire blanket
* Wash hands/any part of skin with direct contact
* Report accident
* If burnt run under cold tap
* Seek medical help
Risk (high/medium/low...
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