Random Porter Five Forces

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1 Executive Summary

This report covers the new innovation product line extension idea developed by BBQ Wholesales Centre: BBQ Caravan.

2 Introduction and Business Overview

2.1 Background of Organisation

BBQ Wholesales Centre was founded in 2004. It specializes in Barbecue catering and Organizing events for small family gathering and large corporate parties. BBQ Wholesale is providing a one-stop services that emphasizes on its convenience, affordable pricing and fresh food to the consumers. Currently, BBQ Wholesale has an online website (bbqwholesale.com) that the customers could place their orders and a Facebook with around 6,000 “likes” that it uses to interact with its customers. 2.2Proposed New Service

BBQ Caravan is the new proposed service introduced by BBQ Wholesale. The concept of this new product line extension is to offering lodge and catering food. Caravan is defined as “a large enclosed vehicle capable of being pulled by a car or lorry and equipped to be lived in; camping car” (Dictionary, 2009). BBQ Wholesale presents the idea of renting a ‘moveable location’ as well as catering barbeque food for the customers to have a bonding/ gathering sessions with their friends and families. 2.2.1Categories of Service: People Processing

BBQ Caravan falls under the People-processing categories:
1. It involves interaction between the customer and the physical product. Customers are required to cooperate with the employee of BBQ Wholesale, for example, orientation of the caravan, hand-over of equipment and payment process. 2. The new service provided by BBQ wholesale is directed to the customer; customers stay in Caravan and enjoys barbeque food. 3. Customers are required to be physically present at the physical location (Caravan) in order for the new service to execute. 4. Managers have to put in thoughts of the process of the service and output from the customer point of view.


National Parks The The only current solution for people to stay outdoor while having barbeque is to pitch tent. This will result in discomfort for the user because of the size restriction of the tent. There will be pollution to the environment while people doing outdoor barbeque because there is no proper equipment to dispose the rubbish so rubbish will be left over after the people left the premises. The solution to the current problem will be introducing Caravan service to the public. Caravans are vehicles that have lounging facility within, this provide user the ability to be able to stay outdoor with the comfort of having the experience of indoor. This all-in-one solution will provide user the comfort of staying outdoor, at the same time provide equipment for the barbeque within the vehicle and a proper dispose point of rubbish to prevent environment pollution.

2.3.1Target Market

BBQ Caravan targets the early adopters, family oriented individuals and young adults. Early adopters are a group of people who are adventurous and are willing to try new stuffs. They embrace new technology before most other people do. Early adopters tend to buy or try out new stuff sooner than most of their peers. As our service is a new concept, the early adopters will be interested in our services. Thus we need to focus our marketing efforts to create awareness of our service to them. We also target the family oriented individuals as one of our target market because they are the ones who initiate and plan family outings. The reason they plan family outings is because they want to improve family ties. Since one of the core benefits for our service is providing bonding with each other, we must focus our marketing efforts on this target group so that they can consider us as a choice when they are planning a family outing. Another of our target group is the young adults. Young adults like to bonding and socializing. They will usually organize birthday parties or class...
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