Random Passage

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  • Published : February 15, 2009
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Summary of Random Passage
Random Passage, a book written by Bernice Morgan, is a novel that takes the reader back to the rural, unpopulated Newfoundland. The setting in which the book takes place is Cape Random which is a desolate cape off the shores of Newfoundland. This is a fictional place and is based on a real location, Cape Island, where Bernice Morgan's ancestors lived. The book contains many rich characters all trying to thrive, survive, and live on this desolate cape. The novel focuses on the lives of the few people that came to live on the cape by either choice, chance, or necessity. These people that created the community of Cape Random over the years can be broken down into two families and a single man.

The two families are the Andrews and the Vincent's. The Andrews are an English family who were kicked out of their homes because of an incident that occurred with one of the family members and his employer who also was the homeowner of the house they were renting at the time. The family chose Newfoundland to move to because one of the family members had been there before, plus it was far away from the trouble they were in, and it promised of freedom; the land there was not owned and this would be the first time the Andrews' would have their own land. They came with no food or supplies, and they came ignorant to what a hard life they had to face. Throughout the novel they grew and learned to fish, live on little, and survive. There are many deaths and sadness throughout the whole novel but the Andrew's thrive and they become more established upon the island.

The Vincent's are a Newfoundland family who came to the cape because ,unlike the Andrews family, they thought life there would be profitable due to the excess amount of fish there. They came with their whole lives packed into their small boat. They did however know what a life in rural Newfoundland was like and were all experienced in the necessary skills used for them to survive and fit...
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