Random Family

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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Urban Studies
Random Family
The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the book "Random *****: Love, Drugs, Trouble and Coming of Age in the Bronx." by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc. Specifically it will contain a book report on the *****, focusing on three problem areas the book discusses. The book follows ten years in ***** lives ***** two ***** girls, Jessica and Coco, and illustrates the *****s and social inequ*****ies of growing up in poverty with little hope for escape. This book describes so many problems facing these two young women as they mature in the Bronx that it is difficult to choose only three, but *****me of ***** most pervasive ***** facing ***** ***** and others are drugs, poverty, ***** lack ***** education. Al***** all the residents face these problems, and they deal with them in very different ways. The problem areas are pervasive in the Bronx ***** in just about every other *****ner city poverty-stricken area in the country. Low-income people struggle just ***** survive and have little ***** of ever escaping ***** hopelessness ***** their lives. The first major ***** is drugs. They are everywhere in the *****, especi*****y in ***** ***** where Jessica lives. About the ***** way to prosper in ***** area is to deal drugs, and the rest of the people know it. The drug *****ers flaunt ***** wealth ***** status, and ***** ***** are drawn to them because of their success ***** opulence. Jessica ***** no different, and ends up as the mistress ***** a *****ful drug dealer, which leads to his arrest, her own arrest, and ten years in prison. Along the way she h***** five children (***** last two are twins by a guard in the *****), and the author shows ***** hope for the children turning out any ***** from *****ir mother did. That is one of the problems with *****se issues that face these people. ***** have little ***** of ever breaking the cycle and moving ahead with ********** ***** because their very upbringing, neighborhood, and circumstances...
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