Random Acts of Kindness

Topics: Random act of kindness, Acts of the Apostles, Memorial Day Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: October 29, 2011
During our last class session, while I was watching the video on random acts of kindness, it reminded me that performing random acts of kindness, is something that I need to incorporate more into my life on a regular basis. I actually had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that many people have done so many kind things to me. I too have done many kind things to others; but, I had still not decided to incorporate this small thing into my life. I immediately realized that life is about being a blessing to others; however, there are times when people need to see tangible things done for them. When we give things that are tangible, it is one way to help others see Christ in us. I found out that there are many ways to show random acts of kindness. I had the opportunity to put this concept into action in several ways since our last class.

There are four examples of how I performed small acts of kindness for others. First, I went to visit a friend and here family from Alabama in Marco Island over the weekend. I took a watermelon with me and gave the watermelon to her family while I was visiting for Memorial Day weekend. When I walked in the house with the watermelon, I noticed that they had a watermelon that they purchased sitting on the floor. It was clear that they were saving it for the actual Memorial Day cookout, which was still a few days away. The watermelon that I gave them, allowed them to cut the watermelon right then, and allow everyone to have a treat before the actual Memorial Day event was even there. I noticed that the children were excited to eat watermelon at that very moment. I could see their eyes light up, as the watermelon juice was everywhere. Imagine that, they did not have to suppress their desire to have something they really wanted. It was a great experience to see someone have more than they needed.

My second random act of kindness was towards the same family. I noticed that they wife told the children to clean...
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