Topics: Writing, Essay, Learning Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Nineti Fanua
Professor Rashedi
EWRT 211
21 March 2013
Word Count 815

Dear English Committee,

Coming into EWRT 211 I thought it was going to be another boring class where we just read long novels and write essay’s. But I came to actually enjoy coming to class at 7:30 in the morning to learn more. Professor Rashedi made the class enjoyable at such an early time. Especially starting the class off with an interesting book, Funny an Farzi, which we wrote our 2nd essay on. I related to Firoozh and the culture shock she went threw with her family, coming to America and trying to adapt. I also learned from the different writing styles we went over, that helped improve my writing. Like Comma Spices and what they mean, and how to fix it with either a FANBOYS or a period. Also with words that sound the same but mean and spelt differently. My 3rd essay on the movie Persepolis, was a good example of me improving my problems with fragments. As a reader and writer in EWRT 211 I grew to improve my skills. Because of the different lessons we went threw, I learned the many rules of grammar that not only made sense but made my writing better. With these 2 essays I believe it shows my growth as a writer, and I used the lessons and easy writer book to guide me step by step when writing. After taking this course I realized the many mistakes I made in my writing and how unprepared I was for my assessment test, but now after taking time to learn, I am very well ready to move on and learn more in ERWT 1A.

Finding a connection with a book is sometimes difficult. Its like making a new friend, your personalities clash and it either mashes together very well, or it just doesn’t fit. After reading Funny and Farsi, I connected to Firoozeh and her family. As I read along, I found myself at times laughing at the scenarios and how it happened to me on many accounts. Writing this essay about Funny Farsi, I found it very useful that I had a connection with the book. As I...
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