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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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Frances Gwyneth Danielle F. Savilla 7-Jaena
Story Map
Voyage to a New Land
A. Characters
* Datu Puti
* Marikudo
* Maniwantiwan
* Datu Sumakwel
* Datu Bangkawa
B. Place
* Panay
C. Time
* Pre-Spanish Period
* Datu Puti and company escaped the tyrannical rule of the Sultan of Borneo. Sailing North, they were searching for lands to settle down. But the land they first saw and landed were occupied by Natives called Itas. Will they be allowed to settle and stay? Goal:

* To find a land where their families will finally settle down. Datu Puti requested Marikudo to give them land to settle down. Events:
* Finally, after consulting the tribesmen with the approval of Maniwantiwan, Marikudo give the land in exchange for the golden hat and the necklace of pearls. Ending:
* They finally settle down along the seashore by building huts with the help of the followers of Marikudo. The community grew bigger and bigger until they occupied other parts of Panay, building the three kingdoms, the Irong-Irong, now known as Iloilo was headed by Datu Puti, Aklan, at present Aklan and Capiz was headed by Datu Bangkawa, and Hantik, now known as Antique was ruled by Datu Sumakwel. There they cultivate the lands, planted rice, camote and other useful plants in their colony. They were expecting rich harvest and Datu Puti was satisfied. The Occupation by Datu Puti and company went farther North and reached Southern Luzon and established colonies in nearby places including the Taal Region and spread up to Batangas, Laguna and Bicol Region. The Colonies they founded in Panay Island spread to other Visayan Islands. The Bornean Datus brought a highly developed culture to our country and exerted great influence on our History.

Princess Urduja
1. Characters:
* King Dalisay
* Princess Urduja
* The Prince
* Ibn Batutu or Batuta
2. Place:
* Pangasinan
3. Time:
* 13 A.D...
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