Ramses Ii

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  • Published : August 27, 2008
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The third ruler of the nineteenth dynasty, Ramses the second was born into Egyptian Royalty. The son of Seti the first, grandson of Ramses the first, his prolific 67 year reign included not only of nearly 200 children and numerous wives, but the creation of some of the most spectacular temples ever constructed in Egypt's long and eventful history. His reign and achievements spawned awe from early Egyptologists, and therefore the Egyptian pharaoh was dubbed “The Great”. However, was Ramses II as great as the numerous writings and inscriptions made him out to be, or, were they just that, writings and inscriptions, written by a self propagandist out to make his mark on the world. As great as he may have seemed, his reign initiated the eventual decline of Egypt. Though Ramses II was probably the most famous king in Egyptian History, his accolades and achievements do not compare with great kings of other dynasties. His supposed brilliant battle repertoire carved on any bare stone was done so through shameless self promotion; like a modern day graffiti artist he left his mark writing his version of events that only highlighted a positive side of the pharaoh. Thus forth, Ramses II was not deserving of the title “The Great”

Born around 1303 B.C, because of his status in Egypt's hierarchy his early years were well documented. At the age of ten, he was named commander in chief of the army, surely a mighty position for that of such a young age, and perhaps the start of what in later years was described as plainly a “big head”. Appointed Prince Regent by his father in his teens to ensure succession to the throne, by the time Ramses came to full power Egypt was prosperous. But not one to be outdone, Ramses the second set out to surpass and extend what his father had already achieved.

After his fathers successful entry into Kadesh only a decade earlier, Ramses wanted a victory at Kadesh not only to emulate his fathers success but also to extend his countries borders. A...
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