Ramon Magsaysay

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No man in the history of the Philippines has risen as fast or as high in the public service, and in such a short time, as did Ramon Magsaysay. No public figure – not even Dr. Jose Rizal, acclaimed as the greatest hero of the Filipinos, or Andres Bonifacio with his plebeian origin, or Manuel L. Quezon, the political wizard of his era – has aroused among Filipinos the same fanatical enthusiasm that Magsaysay did during his brief term of three years and three months as the nation’s acknowledge leader. Ramon Magsaysay commanded the admiration, respect, and afftection of people because he was a simple, humble man; because he cared for all people as individuals and believed in their dignity and importance; and because he had the courage of his convictions. His objectives was to improve the lot of his fellow Filipinos and he approached the task with selfless devotion. He was convinced that government, to last and to be sound, must have intergrity and reflect the will of the people. A man of greatness of spirit, he saw his fellow human beings born with the right to liver in liberty and happiness. He angered at injustice and the violation of high principles. He worked to build a nation – a world – in which all people were free and lived in honor and peace with one another. This term paper highlights the life of Ramon Magsaysay. It contains his life story before becoming becoming the nation’s leader and political life as the third president of the 3rd Republic of the Philippines. It also talks about the laws he passed, projects he executed, achievements he accomplished, as well as his weaknesses and problems encountered during his short term.

Ramon Magsaysay was born August 31, 1907, in the town of Iba, Zambales. His father, Don Exequiel Magsaysay, was, in his younger years, a carpenter, and a blacksmith, and his parents knew how to instill in their children the qualities of industry and honesty, two traits of the young Magsaysay. From childhood Ramon already had the quality of a hard worker, helping his mother, Dona Perfecta del Fierro, whenever he could, by gathering firewood and doing household chores, or working in his father’s blacksmith’s shop.

Ramon or Monching, as he was called later on, was the second son of the Magsaysay couple. Mercedes was the eldest. She was followed by Concepcion (now Alejo Labrador), Jesus, Soledad (now Mrs. Florentino Cabrera), Jose, Lusia (now Mrs. Jose Corpus), and Genaro, a senator.

The great-grandfather of President Magsaysay was Don Gregorio Magsaysay, an educated man who worked as a clerk with Smith, Bell, and Company, and his great-grandmother was Paulina Toleido, daughter of a peninsular Spaniard. His mother, Perfecta del Fierro, was the daughter of Maria Quimson of Cavite, and Juan del Fierro, was the daughter of Maria Quimson of Cavite, and Juan del Fierro, a Spanish mestizo who was for many years mayor of Castillejos, Zambales. According to investigations made by some newspapermen, Ramon Magsaysay was a great-grandson of a Spaniard named Don SerafindelFierro. This man has a coat-of-arms of the family that belongs to the Del Fierros of Spain.

The Del Fierros came from Catbalogan, Samar, and emigrated to Zambales in the 19th century when this province ceased to be a dangerous place due to the piratical expeditions of the Moros from Sulu.

Magsaysay did not inherit the features or the clear complexion of his Spanish ancestors, as there were Malayan traits that predominated in him, although it is to be noted that his height reached almost six feet minus one inch and he weighed about 56 kilograms. From his father he inherited the love of simple life with its concomitant virtues of honest and proper discipline, and from his mother the inclination to music and innate compassion for the poor and forsaken.

To young Ramon his youthful years were both pleasant and difficult, as he had to face endless problems. At the age of 12 his father gave him a piece...
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