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By | October 2010
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An-Najah National University Civil Engineering Department Faculty of Engineering Engineering Project Management Course 465511 Nabil Al- Dmaidi

Dr Nabil Dmaidi


Your Expectations of Me
Be prepared Be on time Teach for full 3 hours period Fair grading system Front load the class work Do not humiliate students Practice golden rule Provide real world examples Make you think Dr Nabil Dmaidi 2

This Course
Focuses not only how project management process works But more importantly why it works Not concentrate by project type Construction, product development, large, small Rather, for individual who will manage a variety of projects Designed to be used in pure organizations Construction, research organizations, manufacturing firms, and the consulting firms Dr Nabil Dmaidi 3

Following this introductory chapter Evaluating and selecting projects Organizational environment Defining the project Developing a work breakdown structure Estimating time and cost Creating project network Identifying & managing risks associated with project Determining resources and allocating them Scheduling and leveling resources Reducing project time Monitoring project progress Covering more topics Dr Nabil Dmaidi 4

Leadership & Management
Two Hour Session

Dr Nabil Dmaidi


Construction Model
Keep it Simple

“Get Work” “Do Work” “Keep Score”
Dr Nabil Dmaidi 6

Owner Desires
Better operational features Lower costs Quicker schedules Less risk

Less hassle
Dr Nabil Dmaidi 7

Contractor Desires
More work More profit

Less hassle

Dr Nabil Dmaidi


Individual Desires
Job satisfaction Job stability

Less hassle
Dr Nabil Dmaidi 9

No Hassle
No accidents No changes No cost increases No delays
Dr Nabil Dmaidi 10

My Less Hassle
Sensitivity to people Win-Win relationships Trust Golden rule Ethics Partnering TQM Dr Nabil Dmaidi 11

The Changing Environment
You are hired for your technical skills You are fired for your lack...

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