Ramesh Patel @ Aargon

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Ramesh Patel at Aragon Entertainment Limited
Six Step Case Analysis Process

PGP1 – Section C
Group 12
Date of submission – 13/02/13
Submitted to:
Prof. Madhusri Shrivastava

Submitted by:
Aksh Bains(2012PGP023)
Anand Pathiran(2012PGP036)
Eeti Santosh(2012PGP108)
Pradeep Mishra(2012FPM012)
Prateek Yadav(2012PGP273)
Ritu Yadav(2012PGP307)
Step 1: Consider the Relevant Information
Organisation: Aragon Entertainment Limited
* A leading producer of adventure-based, multi-player role-playing video games Key People:
* Ramesh Patel, associate director of business development * Jeremby Gibson, quality control engineer
* Maria Hernandez
Relevant Facts:
* Ramesh Patel was nominated to be a part of the New Horizons Board, a select group of seniors and high-potential leaders who were hand-picked to the chart of the company’s potential future directions * “NHB” was chaired by the company’s chief innovation officer and included senior executives from key functional areas along with six high-potential employees who were nominated to serve on the NHB for nine months * Patel and Gibson were friends and had joined the company within a few days of each other and attended the same employee orientation and training sessions. * Patel, Gibson and Maria Hernandez were assigned same project * Gibson was also busy with other three high priority projects, so he wasn’t able to contribute for this project * Gibson’s unavailability had frustrated Patel

* Gibson feels guilty for repetitively missing deadlines and hoped that his team would understand his problem Inferences:
* Ramesh Patel wanted to be part of the NHB as soon as he joined the company as it was considered a centrepiece of innovation and creativity and it provided a great exposure to senior executives * For Patel this was the chance to make a positive impression on his senior colleagues as the case states repeatedly that he was very much excited on being selected and desperately wanted to make positive impressions on senior colleagues

Step 2: Generate the Problem Statement
Problems are barriers that threaten to block an organization or person from achieving important goals. Working in a team is not always easy especially, when there is conflict of priorities among the team members. The case discusses the problem about how Ramesh Patel, all enthusiastic about working in the sub team, should manage to get the work done after knowing, that his co worker, Jeremy Gibson has different priorities and has shown lack of effort. * Gibson was not participating in the project and this is leading to friction among the team members and the work was getting affected * Gibson and Ramesh were friends and as a result Ramesh was not able to communicate effectively the loss due to Gibson’s non participation * Gibson did not effectively communicate his inability to participate in team meeting due to his other high priority jobs

Step 3: Analyze the Facts and Underlying Assumptions
* Friendship
* Time
* Work habits and individual behavior
* Patel was opportunistic in his behavior as he viewed the sub team assignment as an opportunity to make a positive impression on his senior colleagues * Patel assumes that selection of his friend Gibson in his team would lead to good work and desired results * Patel assumes NHB to be a big opportunity to impress senior colleagues * Gibson was not well versed in prioritizing his commitment towards NHB * Gibson assumed that Patel’s work ethic and quality of output would more than carry the team and that Patel would cover for him * Gibson also assumed that he would make some important contributions the coming Saturday and he was unaware of the fact that his conduct in the team has infuriated Patel

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths * Friendship between Gibson and Patel * Patel’s passion to achieve success * All of the...
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