Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Customer service Pages: 6 (1538 words) Published: June 16, 2012
Written Assignments: CS1_Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best Description: Read the Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best case study and answer the three discussion questions.

Instructions: Write your responses to the discussion questions in a Word document and upload it for grading.

1 Build the management-research question hierarchy for Ramada.

Ramada’s Management-Research Question Hierarchy

Clarifying the Research Question

Discover the Management Dilemma
Trends show that customer satisfaction is decreasing in the hospitality industry.

Define the Management Question
What can RFS do to ensure its customer service rating does not decline?

Define the Research Question(s)
What are the factors contribute towards customer satisfaction? How will or what course of action will RFS use to research in identifying changes to be made?

Refine the Research Question(s)
How does the areas of hiring, training, and motivation influence customer satisfaction?

Which companies are known for their best programs in hiring, training, and motivation?

RFS believes that employee input is critical to developing new programs towards hiring, training, and motivation. With that said; what is the best way or what environment will allow RFS to get direct,

face-to-face employee input?

What is sufficient amount of time to conduct
this research to gain the amount of data needed?

2 Apply the research process model to the Ramada research initiative.

a Explain the role and process of exploration in Ramada’s research. Answer: Exploration is the “process of collecting information to formulate or refine management, research, investigative, or measurement questions…” . RFS explored by researching which companies were the best in the areas of hiring, training, and motivation because according to the D.K. Shifflet Survey, these areas were highlighted as being critical factors which influenced customer service. RFS explored Disney, Southwest Airlines, and TGI Fridays.

b What role did secondary data play in the exploration phase of the research? Answer: The data results and information from the D.K. Shifflet Survey played as secondary data towards RFS’s exploration phase of the research. Pigsley used the information and identified highlighted critical factors as the starting point towards his exploratory research.

c What steps and phases in the process model can you match to the Ramada research? Answer: RFS used all the steps and phases in the process model. 1) Clarifying the research question – RFS identified its management dilemma and formulated research questions on how to ensure the company’s customer service rating did not decrease like the other companies in the hospitality industry. RFS refined the research questions from a large generic question to numerous specific questions in particular focus areas. 2) Research proposal & 3) Research design strategy – RFS decided to take a non-traditional course of action by visiting all their 900 sites throwing a “grand opening” style atmosphere. 4) Data collection and preparation - RFS collected data from management in the morning and used the “grand opening” type celebration to collect data from the employees. All data was recorded by the information collection team in detailed summary form for each property. 5) Data analysis and interpretation & 6) Research reporting – information received by management and employees from all 900 locations showed that the current training program was boring and the motivation program could be improved because the use of rewards as a motivation tool was limited. 7) Management decision – with all the data collected, RFS decided to launch their Personal Best program. This program enhanced the selection process of hiring new personnel; implemented a new innovative training program; and improved the motivation program resulting in the opportunity of more...
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