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  • Published : February 7, 2014
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Memory and computers
How important is memory for a computer? Memory is very important for any computer, without memory a computer wouldn’t be the multitasking machine that it is today. For that matter a computer couldn’t do much without. There are two types of memory RAM (random access memory) and ROM (Read-only memory). With memory a computer is able to hold applications, operating systems and saved files such as documents. Understanding the difference between the two types of memory is key. RAM is a volatile memory meaning the data can be lost when power is interrupted if not saved to a disk or hard drive. While ROM is a nonvolatile memory meaning data is not lost when power is interrupted. RAM is usually found in dim sticks while ROM is usually chips found on different boards. Whether its Temporary memory like RAM or its constant memory like ROM the expansion in memory in the PC world have brought to live Computers like never before. So next time you’re working on a word document you can appreciate how safe and saved your information is. Works Cited

List four cell structures that were common to both plant and animal cells. (4 points) What structures were unique to plant cells? (2 points)
What structures were unique to animal cells? (2 points)
List five structures observed in the cell images and provide the function of each structure. (5 points) Structure 1 and function
Structure 2 and function
Structure 3 and function
Structure 4 and function
Structure 5 and function
Schmidt, C. A. (2012). The Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair 5th eddition. Pearson.
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