Ralph and Jack in Lord of the Flies

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Jack and Ralph

In “The Lord of the Flies” William Golding presents many ways that Jack and Ralph contrast. Throughout the story Jack and Ralph have ideas and actions that do not go well together. As chief Jack and Ralph are two very different characters. Ralph represents ego, by focusing on reality and making smart decisions. Jack represents id, with a personality that focuses on power to receive satisfaction. Jack wants to control everything and everyone, but Ralph considers himself just one of the boys.

Ralph is nice and calm; to get the bous attention he uses the conch. Sometimes Ralph will use his power as chief to get the others to listen. “You voted me chief. Now do what I say” (81). Most of the time Ralph will use the conch to remind the boys of the rules. Jack uses threats and violence to stay in control. Jack not only uses violence, but he uses the beast as to scare the boys. Jack claims killing the beast is impossible. Even after convincing them that Simon was the beast, and killing him. The violence Jacks uses while serving as chief, symbolizes his savage personality. Ralph is friendly, and he is even generous towards Jack. Even though Ralph is chosen chief, he puts Jack in control of the hunters. He does not think that by letting another boy participate in governing is a threat, instead is willing. This represents Ralph’s aspiration for teamwork,

and also to make Jack comfortable. Unlike Ralph, Jack fears sharing power will make him less respected or feared as leader. He shows it once by not allowing him enter the fort. He not only refuses Ralph, but Jack orders the rest of the boys to reject him also. Jack is so intimidated by Ralph that he

wants to kill him in order to have total control.

Jacks behavior towards the end of the book gets even worse. After brainwashing the other boys, he takes complete control. He has not mercy at all and when Piggy is killed, Jack orders his tribe to kill Ralph. He even sets...
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