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Period 1 9-28-12

Dear Bettie B. Youngs ,
Hi Ms.Youngs , My Name is Raleidy Melo. I study at High School Of Hospitality Mangement. I started reading your book in the summer. I had Thought it would be one of those boring books. In Chapter 5 "Moments that changed The way I look at life" it opened to me that life is not always flowers and birds but it is about the way you experienced lifes.In the summer I was not thinking of not reading books, But I read a couple of sentences of your book and i thought that reading a couple chapters before school starts would not hurt. I ended up reading half of the book. I thought that this book was about just teen problems. But it was really about things that happens in teen life. I found this book very helpful because I had problems. I have mad bad desicions in life and you had changed that for me . I like this book because it gives you adive. For example , a problem with a consequence. It shows you that een though you make a wrong desicion it always has a consequence. I can relate to this because when i was younger I use to steal things from stores and i though i was never going to get caught. But one day i did and he still remembers my face till this day. I was feeling anxious because i thought he wanted to know my number to call my house and tell my mom but , he didnt so I leafed. This book had lead me too a better person Mentally and Physically. " Taste Berries for Teens " is a book that I thought was different. Your books have inspired a lot of lost teens. I wondered , while reading this book, are these stories about you or just other teens? I also choosen this book because my mom thought it would be a good read for me. Since I did all those things as a child. She thought i would help me through all my stress. It helped , But I still have some problems. But i cant take that effect in my education.Also This book has helped me and my mom's relationship. We used to...

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