Topics: Rajasthan, Rajasthani language, Gayatri Devi Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: August 3, 2011
When we talk about Rajasthan at first come in our mind is its proud culture. Our discussion is incomplete without paying some words for its culture. Rajasthan is globally known for its rich and proud culture. In fact, one of the most prime reasons why Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is no doubt its rich and proud culture. The desert state of Rajasthan is best known for its exotic and rich culture that still remains intact. Its strict devotion to the tradition and culture is really noteworthy. Rajasthani people are very fond of colourful costumes. Rajasthani men’s love for colourful turbans and Rajasthani women’s love for ornaments like colourful bangles, anklet, armlet, rings and earrings as well as full Ghaghra (Skirt) are well-known.

Everything of Rajasthan like interesting paintings, soulful music, colourful handicrafts, folk dance & music, religion, resplendent fairs & festivals and breathtaking art & architecture show the rich culture of Rajasthan. Music and Dance are the important part of Rajasthani culture. For the Rajasthani people celebration is a way of life. Every region of Rajasthan has its own music and dance. The Kalbeliya dance from Jaisalmer and Ghoomer dance from Udaipur are well-known around the world and have universally fame. Folk music and folk dance are the vital part of Rajasthani culture. Folk music and folk dance show the past glory, legends, chivalry and history of the region.

Hindi is widely spoken in all over in Rajasthan but there are also local dialects in Rajasthan. These are Jaipuri, Marwari, Mewati, Malwi and Rajasthani. There are also English speaking people in the cities of Rajasthan. Hindi is the official language of Rajasthan.

Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are the best way to experience the exotic culture of Rajasthan. Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan such as Desert Festival, Pushkar Festival, etc, add more colours and liveliness to the lives of Rajasthani people. Most of...
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