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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Mobile cloud computing

N.Tejaswini, P.Manoj Reddy Students of III/IV B.Tech Depatment of CSE, KLUniversity, Vijayawada Email: mail2tejaswini@gmail.com Manojreddy666@gmail.com

ABSTRACT: Mobile cloud computing is 3+ combination, that is the combination of mobile computing, mobile internet and cloud computing has become one of the industry buzz words and a major discussion thread in the IT world since 2009. Mobile devices (e.g., smartphone, tablet pcs, etc) are increasingly becoming an essential part of human life as the most effective and convenient communication tools not bounded by time and place. Mobile users accumulate rich experience of various services from mobile applications (e.g., iPhone apps, Google apps, etc), which run on the devices and/or on remote servers via wireless networks. The rapid progress of mobile computing (MC) [1] becomes a powerful trend in the development of IT technology as well as commerce and industry fields. However, the mobile devices are facing many challenges in their resources (e.g., battery life, storage, and bandwidth) and communications (e.g., mobility and security) [2]. The limited resources significantly impede the improvement of service qualities. Cloud computing is an emerging concept combining many fields of computing.Cloud computing (CC) has been widely recognized as the next generation’s computing infrastructure. CC offers some advantages by allowing users to use infrastructure (e.g., servers, networks, and storages), platforms (e.g., middleware services and operating systems), and softwares (e.g., application programs) provided by cloud providers (e.g., Google, Amazon, and Salesforce) at low...
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