Raising a Child

Topics: Neglect, Psychology, Bullying Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Leonardo Quiñones

Chapter 4 Essay

What I found to be very interesting from chapter four was the importance of raising a child correctly. If a child is neglected and abused, the consequences a child has may not be detected at first but can show up later on when they grow up. There are different forms a child can be abused, they can be physical, psychological and behavioral. One of the common forms a child is physically abused is by being shaken. The injuries that a child may experience include bleeding in the eye or brain, damage to spinal cord and neck and even fractured bones. The consequences for being abused psychologically can be life-long and hard to cope with. These include low self-esteem, depression and relationship difficulties. This can make the child have a hard time to fit in with society because if they have been neglected, many tend to develop antisocial traits which makes it hard for them to get along with people ad have friends. The feeling of being lonely can lead to depression because they feel like they are not wanted and in extreme cases, suicide can be attempted. Even though not all victims of child abuse and neglect will experience behavioral consequences, these tend to appear more among this group. The type of problems can be experienced at an early age, but the worst come when they are adolescents. Problems such as delinquency, low academic achievement, teen pregnancy and drug use are experienced during this stage. Also, these same people can turn out to be abusive parents and can eventually victimize their own children. These are reasons why parents should take their children seriously and do their best to be responsible and raise their children correctly. No child deserves to go through all these problems and many times they shouldn’t be the ones to blame for their actions because the ones that are responsible are the parents.
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