Raising the Drinking Age

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Good Morning, the issue I have chosen is if we should raise the drinking age to 21.

* Im against this issue because at the age of 18, you are allowed to vote, serve in the defence force, drive, make choices about sexual activity, live by yourself, be tried in courts as adults and receive benefits from the government. * Drinking should not be any different because it is less of a challenge to make than the above. * Raising the legal drinking age would only result in more of a problem, as people would continue to break the law. * The United States has the legal drinking age at 21, and yet they still encounter the same amount, if not more, problems with underage drinking.

* While drinking does give a risk to health, raising the age to twenty one would still incur the same risks for drinkers.

* Even if this legal age was raised, you would still encounter twice the number of underage drinkers, as pushing the problem away would only cause it to intensify.

* The way Australian culture presents itself, is a culture of binge drinking. Raising the legal age would only increase the numbers of people indulging in this.

* Many consequences of binge drinking include the number of violent attacks in the street, the number of deaths on our roads due to drink driving, the number of teenage girls falling pregnant from drunken one night stands, and violent abuse at home.

* The problem of under-age and binge drinking in Australia can be found in way many parents bring up their kids. * For example, many parents think it is ok to give their teenager a drink at a social function in front of their view. * These parents believe that what they are doing is responsible, however, it is only breeding a younger generation of drinkers. * They key to curbing the increasing numbers of under-age and binge drinkers is education. Pushing the problem away only makes it worse. * Education about the effects, the consequences and the many...
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