Raising Children in a Positive Environment

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  • Published : April 22, 2011
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Raising Children in a Positive Environment
Many people strive in raising their kids in a positive environment. Some struggle to be the best example and a few just don’t even try. I on the other hand try to set the best example by giving and showing them love. The way you do this is by setting the example .All of the influence comes first from your own parents then of course the people we hang out with. It’s like the saying “You are who you hang out with”. With all these surroundings you ask yourselves how can I raise my children to be positive? I believe you must surround your children by family and friends with positive attributes. The world is negative all around us, how can I raise my kids to be positive? Everything on TV, school, and friends is a big influence in our kid’s lives. On television programs they glorify violence and drug abuse. Cartoons shows are normally children based. There is a cartoon program named family guy that was far from its title; it promoted Family dysfunction with alcohol abuse. No matter where, who what, there is always something that your children pick up on. Sometimes you wonder how you treat your kids, if they view this as positive as you do. "In order to understand parental discipline we must expand our focus to the full range of parents’ disciplinary techniques, particularly those they use more frequently than corporal punishment” (Kenneth A. Dodge). Try to set the best example for them and teach them how the world is. Family gatherings help bring children and parents together. During family gatherings you set the mood to discuss your day to day. Even more so problems you or they may be going through and ideas on solving them. Don’t wait around for holidays and birthdays to make excuses to have family gatherings. “there is something about a shared meal--not some holiday blowout, not once in a while but regularly, reliably--that anchors a family even on nights when the food is fast and the talk cheap and everyone has...
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