Raising Children in the Philippines

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: November 7, 2011
If I’m going make my own biography, the part where my mom and dad raised me up as a young boy will be one of its highlights, the best and the most precious experience ever.

I was raised in a family of five, my mom, my dad and my two other siblings (older brother and a younger sister). The family that I had when I was a young boy was not the usual one. My dad had to leave the country for our living and he did that for such a long time. He actually started since the time my mom had her first baby. It wasn’t good at that time because it was my mom’s first delivery and she had this big thought that she couldn’t push through with the delivery without my dad. It was a hard time for her giving birth without anyone by her side to comfort her. But eventually, she made it and she realized that she should learn to be independent for her and her baby and for the future ones. That’s a big realization that made her tough.

When I was born, same scenario happened- my mom giving birth without my dad. According to my mom it was not as awful as the first time. She endured things on her own because she understood the purpose why my father had to leave us, it’s because we needed to be financially stable and that’s the only way he can earn a sufficient sum of money.

My dad was able to give us a lifestyle that was more than enough for us. We lived in a house big enough for us somewhere in Alabang and then transferred to another after acquiring a house at Calamba Laguna. He sent us to good schools and he provided us with more than what we needed. As much as possible my father doesn’t want us to fall short when it comes to our financial needs. He’s a good provider as far as I know.

Financial needs were one of the main things he ensured us first and I believed it didn’t end there. His role as a father was very much felt inside the family. Communication was very much open through the use cellphones and internet and during the 90s, snail mail. I usually wrote to my dad every...
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