Raising Children

Topics: Parenting, Childhood, Parenting styles Pages: 4 (1538 words) Published: March 11, 2013
West main points on raising children is an economic cost, which is figured to be estimated in the range of $145,000 to raise a child to the age of 18 not including college or graduate school. In the 1800’s parents would have repeated at least some material reward for raising a child. Most families lived in the country and the children would help with planting, harvesting, and taking care of animals to bring money into the house. Now a days none of these economic reasons for raising children hold true. Today children do not contribute to the parents house-hold finically or material support. West states that children now “provide love, smiles, and emotional satisfaction, but no money or labor”. Most parents are now having to make the choice of staying home with their children in the evening to spend bonding time or getting a second job to help pay for other expensive or college funds. Around the 1960’s most parents were married, so the women would stay at home and the husband worked to support the family. Women knitted there families together and in the community, at least in the middle classes because women had time to nourish and nurture. As for the old tradition white women had time for Sunday school, parent teacher conferences, etc because the husband was the head of the house hold. As for black women who spent their entire lives laboring to serve the needs of others. Black women would take care of the white man’s family, then go home and take care of their own. So women in all reality have created competence and character upon on which our economy depends on. That is why when they started AFDC giving women financial help there rules made it very difficult for poor men to spend time with their children. These rules that were put in by the government just helped especially in the black community, where the percentage of birth went from 21% in 1960 to 69.9 percent in 1996.

Now a days a huge amount of parents are not married which leaves forty percent of...
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