Raising Children

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Four Points

1. I have learned that my topic is very controversial and can take on different arguments with the changing of one word. I wasn’t aware of all the information and articles related to this subject. When I brainstormed this interest, I felt that I would be hard-pressed to find information supporting or opposing. Researching my information has taken six to seven hours at a time to come up with the right viewpoints. Evaluating resources was a new one for me.

While researching one parent choosing to stay home and raising children, I found supporting and opposing information. I found articles and books on money being a focus for both parents working. I found advice on how to downsize so that one income would be sufficient. One article described how daycare provides better programs and activities than a parent could provide. Online careers were suggested in many of the articles in favor of one parent staying home raising children.

2. Two working parents simply doesn’t add up, better adjusted and secure children does.

3. Adding up can take on several meanings. Finances are what come to most people’s minds. Here is what I found to be reality in my own life and in many of the articles. Transportation and all the costs associated with the second car. Wardrobe and personal appearance products for that second person. Daycare costs for any child not of a school age. Increased food costs for eating out for lunch. Many of the examples I found and experienced show that the second job mainly pays for the act of working.

Raising better children involves one of the parents staying home to raise the children. Research has discovered that for parents to be away from infants for more than a few hours is damaging. Many parents who work feel it is best for the child for them to be home, but feel it is a financial necessity. I want to be my child’s...
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