Raising Bilingual Child

Topics: Multilingualism, Psychology, Second language Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: January 19, 2012
Some would argue that being a parent or a child existing in a bilingual environment may be only of an invaluable merit. This is true, with the assumption that both parties have similar expectations or do not have any that would conflict them and there is no the outside or a so called family pressure. Let us dwell to some extent on the merits. To begin with, the unquestionable advantage children would experience is the exposure to double language environment. If the learning process is not impacted by any negative factors, the language acquisition comes naturally and bilingualism is found as if the person were always a native speaker belonging to both speaking communities. The language command is easy and does not strain the speaker. A child has contact with two cultures represented by two languages and is exposed to sometimes two various communities differing in race, beliefs, religion, creed, values and geographical location. Secondly, bilingual children are more open to changing environments and have better learning abilities. Their intelligence may be of a higher level but not in a sense of the possessed IQ. Bilingual children are more creative and have learning flexibility. They are characterized by a better sense of the language as well as greater accuracy in choosing language vocabulary and structures for expressing themselves. Children who enjoy a multilingual education can transfer knowledge of one language to another, which allows for deeper comprehension. On the other hand, the most easily overlooked drawback to taking multilingual path is that it requires more effort on the part of the parents. Raising a bilingual child is a commitment, long-term investment in a child. It will demand extra effort on parent’s part to provide enough language exposure, extra encouragement, keeping language rules consistent, and if it possible find the best multilingual school or after school supplementary education program for a child. In addition,...
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