Raisin in the Sun Essay

Topics: White people, The Whole Family, Life Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: December 10, 2012
A Raisin in the Sun Essay Assignment

Rough Draft

In Lorraine Hansberry’s play “A Raisin in the Sun,” Walter Younger is an idealist who failed to see reality and how things actually work out. Walter is in his 30s yet he still lives with his mother, who holds the family together. He isn’t capable of caring for a family and making the right decisions. He has a dream of owning a liquor store that his family opposes to yet he still tried to obtain it. Walter is a man of flaws because of his bitterness towards others, such as George Murchison, and in a way because of his racism toward white people. He is also sexist to women and is jealous of the success of others. Walter’s family plays a role in changing his views as well. They all shaped him and taught him the values and virtues of not backing down and giving into racism against black people. Throughout the play, Walter matures and begins to see reality and that his decisions have consequences and impacts on others.

Walter Younger was seen as a troubled man who failed to understand the real world and how it actually worked. He was childish and stubborn and thought all you need to become something in the world is to have money. Walter is racist in a way because he thinks that all white, rick folks are always making plans worth millions while doing the simplest thing, such as just simply sitting in a restaurant and sipping coffee. “Mama sometimes when I’m downtown and I pass them cool, quiet-looking restaurants where them white boys are sitting back and talking ’bout things…sitting there turning deals worth millions of dollars…sometimes I see guys don’t look much older than me” (74) Walter says money is life to him and that’s the reason why he talks about it all the time. This shows that he has yet to learn what life really is because it’s not all about money even though that’s what you family receives as a check in return for your life when your hour of death arrives. Walter and his wife Ruth have a...
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