Raisin in the Sun

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Aaron Laidler
March 6, 2013
Period 1
Essay: “A Raisin in the Sun”
Change is a major conflict for many people of the world today and in the past. In Loraine Hansberry’s, “A Raisin in the Sun”, each of the characters undergo a transformation either in their personalities or in their daily routines. However the reader gets to see three sides of Walter and how he reacts to the different situations placed before him in this drama, “A Raisin in the Sun”.

Walter is so driven by money, which is the basis of almost every conversation he has with anyone in the play. He is constantly talking about getting to the top, or comparing his situation to that of someone who is more fortunate than he or in other words “the rich man.” For example in Act 2 when he is talking to George, a young man born into a rich family, he says, “Invest big, gamble big hell lose big if you half to, you know what I mean.” Walter is talking to George about the great investments that his father has made. Through this his tone is extremely bitter and sarcastic, this shows his jealousy for those more fortunate than he and it also shows how money is what feeds into his envy and bitterness. Walter has big dreams and good intentions; however his stubbornness holds him back.

His immaturity is shown throughout the first two acts; it seems as if Walter believes that his way is the only way. He doesn’t listen to anyone at all not his wife, his sister, or even his mother. For example, his mother buys the house, gives him what’s left of the money, and tells him to put some away for Benetha’s school fund. We see his immaturity in act 2 when Mama asks him if he gave all the money away he says, “Yessss! All of it it’s all gone.” This shows how stubborn Walter truly is, throughout the play everyone in his family that he tells the liquor store plan to thinks that it is not a good idea. Even through all the no’s Walter does it anyway and gets all of the money stolen. When his mom finally gives in to...
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