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1. What do you see the major problems at Rainyday Insurance Adjusters Company? What are the causes of these problems?

The following are the major problems raised in the Rainyday Insurance Company: * Voluntary turnover among the claim processors.
* Decreasing productivity and increased error after the upgrade and installation of new computers. The following may be the cause of the above problems:
* Increase dissatisfaction among the senior claim processor due to arrival of new computers, as they are having problems to adapt to new technology. * Resenting new hires by the senior claim processor which leads to conflict among employees. * Rejecting to take training by the current employee on to use computers and the software which could help them improve current job performance.

2. Why the computer training offered was not successful?

As Paula mentioned in the case, after the installation and upgrade of new computers, she offered everyone for the computer classes at the local high school which would help them learn how to use the computer and software. She even offered her employees that they are ready to pay them for the hour of work they would miss during their training session.

Even after all this options offered to the employee they didn't wanted to go to local school for training with the young people may be because they didn’t wanted to feel mediocre in front of the teenagers. Another reason in my view might be because those employees were not properly explained on how such training would help them develop, grow or enhance in future responsibilities and performance or how such job related training would help them improve and enhance in their career development. In my view proper analysis must be performed to understand and indentify the needs of the employee before planning on providing the trainings.

3. Draft an action plan for the training program for Rainyday?
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