Rainman and the Elements of Psychology

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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Rainman is a film about two brothers brought back together after the death of their father. As an adult, Charlie Babbitt was living the hard and fast life of a successful business man until the death of his estranged father, led him to meeting Raymond, his autistic savant older brother he did not realize he had. In the beginning of the film, Charlie works to change and mold his brother into what Charlie feels would be most convenient in order to get what he wants from Raymond. Charlie attempts to teach him about life, but it is Raymond that teaches all of us the biggest lessons of all. Autism changes the lives of the caregivers, the families, and all who have the courage and patience to spend enough time with autistic individuals. Many lessons about patience, attention to detail, about listening to your body, about putting egos aside to "hear" another person, and most of all about how to love. Charlie receives these lessons well and becomes a changed man. He leaves his selfish, hardened ways behind, softens his heart and finds happiness in life with the things that really matter, such as family and love.

Rainman, and the Elements of Psychology Contained Within

Charlie Babbitt is an ambitious, egocentric Los Angeles businessman who imports and sells Lamborghinis for a living. He is a hardened, money driven go-getter, who up to this point of his life has been responsive only to his own needs. Seemingly cold and emotionless, he uses people for his own advantages time and time again. Charlie learns that his estranged father, who threw him out as a teenager, has passed away. He returns home to Cincinnati to settle his father's estate only to find that an undisclosed trustee is inheriting $3 million dollars from his father, while he was only left with his father’s prize rose bushes and classic Buick convertible.

Charlie investigates to learn that the inheritance was for an autistic man named...
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