Rainbows End Management: Marketing and Sales Strategy

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  • Published : September 29, 2009
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Brief Business Plan {draw:frame}
Company description
This company is currently in the seed stage and expects to move rapidly towards growth and profitability. (When nceba buys into it) Target Market
Rainbow Ends management recognizes an enormous unmet need in the Kids Party Venue market in the northern suburbs. Most potential customers (mothers with school going children) surveyed recently said they were either very likely or likely to book the venue if it were available. This segment of the market has tremendous potential that has been untapped by any of the competitors in the industry. These moms are our primary target audience. They always find themselves driving over 40km to get to host or attend kid’s parties. Marketing & Sales Strategy

Sales of the company’s [products, services] will be handled by an [internal, external] sales force [or independent agents/reps]. An advertising/marketing firm will be hired to assist with building awareness, market penetration and advertising. Competition

“Rainbows End” operates from the party venue itself. Queries, comments and questions are attended to onsite and promptly. Financials
By achieving its sales targets, “Rainbows End”will position itself for exceptional profitability and self-funded growth. The table below is a brief summary of the “Rainbows End” Profit and Loss Statement for the years 2009-2011. All figures are expressed in thousands.

Operating Expenses
BOND (house/land bought on auction… cheap)
Employee salaries - 2 party assistants
NB. Once off Expenses
Equipment - Jungle Gyms X2
Trampolines X1
Jumping Castle X2
Water/Ball Slide Nb. Once Off X2
Kiddies Plastic Tables And Chairs-50chairs And 8 Tables Parents Benches And Chairs 50
Large Square Tables X4
Table Clothes X5
Urn X1 Large
Tea Cups And Saucers
Side Plates
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