Rainbows End

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Interaction Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Interactions with others are the most powerful influences that impact on an individual’s sense of belonging. This is portrayed through various techniques in the text Rainbow’s End by Jane Harrison and the graphic novel The Arrival by Shaun Tan.

Harrison clearly conveys these interactions of belonging by utilizing the protagonists Gladys, Dolly and Nan Dear who desperately desire interactions with the white society. This is illustrated by the persona Glady’s who goes to great extent to interact with the bank manager to secure her daughter a proper job. This is portrayed by the steely tone “she’d fit in fine” with which she speaks to the Bank Manager about Dolly. This generates the determination in Gladys tone which emphasizes her desire to interact and assimilate into the greater white society.

Furthermore the stage direction of “she opens the book – celestial music is heard. She touches the pages lovingly” emphasizes her desire to interact with the white community as the encyclopedia represents the white society and her reading the book illustrates that she is interacting with the white society. This is because of the constant segregation forced upon aboriginal since whites are more civilized and higher classed.

Also the dialogue “Us Aboriginals are not welcome in the townships” emphasizes Nan Dear’s opposition to interact with the white society. This indicates Nan Dear’s individual experience of not belonging. Also this illustrates that the aboriginals are segregated since the whites think aboriginals are less civilized and less cultured hence aboriginals has suffered brutal exile and also worsened by assimilation.

Also the dialogue of “Gladys curtsying is presenting a bouquet of flowers to the queen… the queen pulls her into a hug” “light come back to reality.. Gladys is holding a bunch of weeds” illustrates the contrast between reality and the dream. This symbolizes her desire to belong and interact with the white society. This is...
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