Rainbows by Katherine Stone

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Sibling Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: January 15, 2012
Title: Rainbows
Author: Katherine Stone
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 512
"Rainbows" is a fascinating story about two sisters who seem so different from each other yet each has creative ability and the desire to bridge the emotional gap that has grown between them from the first day that they met. Alexa Taylor is the older sister and has gained notoriety as an actress. Her beauty and abilities have given her a high-profile position in society that opens doors to admiration from individuals in both the political and entertainment realms. Her younger sister, Catherine, is an accomplished pianist who is opposite in that she has a shyness and innocence about her. Her bond with their parents, Jane and Alexander, appears to be stronger than the one that Alexa has with any of them or anyone else for that matter. Then circumstances occur that allow the young women an opportunity to share living accommodations and work on their relationship. Both of them are worried about how this will evolve but both have a strong desire to get to know the other and hopefully find a friendship that they have never known. And as the plot develops, we are able to join the sisters in their struggles that not only include their own relationship, but also relationships that they have with friends, lovers and their own identities. The people they meet and the things that they do all seem to be tied to the Mediterranean isle of L'ile des Arcs-en-ciel - the Island whose rainbows are a phenomena unknown anywhere else on earth. This book has included everything that you might imagine - love, hurt, murder, international intrigue, romance, politics, and secrets. So many secrets that each person holds and refuses to reveal because of their own fears. The only criticism that I have is that the characters frequently state that they will not tell the truth because of the love that they have towards another person and how honestly might hurt the other one. Even though hiding the truth allowed the story to...
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