Rainbow Bee Eater

Topics: Bee-eater, Bee, Wasp Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Did you ever wish that the bee that has been bothering you while you’re doing yard work would just get eaten by something? Well there is a solution, the Rainbow Bee-Eater, it will not only do the job but it will do it in fashion. With its bluish-green feathers with dashes of yellow and long slender bill, you could see them right now… if you went to Australia that is.

The Rainbow Bee- Eater lives throughout Australia, including the Northern Territory and New South Wales, but absent New Guinea and Indonesia. Its habitat includes any open Australian countryside where loose sand is available for nesting. The bird frequents sand plains, savannah woodlands and roadsides. It’s not uncommon to see a Rainbow Bee-eater perched on a telephone wire or in a city park or garden. The bee eaters also need to be near water for not only drinking and bathing but to support vegetation. In turn this attracts the flying insects that the Rainbow Bee-Eater pursues.

The Rainbow Bee- Eater eats flying insects, but, as their name implies, they have a real taste for bees, making it a carnivore. Flying insects includes locust dragonflies, and flying termites. Once it spots an insect a bee-eater will swoop down from its perch and catch it in its long, slender, black bill and fly back to its perch. Bee-eaters will then knock their prey against their perch to subdue it. Even though rainbow bee-eaters are actually immune to the stings of bees and wasps, upon capturing a bee they will rub the insect's stinger against their perch to remove it, closing their eyes to avoid being squirted with poison from the ruptured poison sac.

The Rainbow Bee- Eater does quite the show when it comes to eating. Doing flips, turns and twists these birds are acrobats. After they perform their little show they start the feeding process of removing the stinger of the bee, even though the Rainbow Bee- Eater can eat a bee hole because it is immune to there venom. Then once the chilly days come the Rainbow Bee-Eater...
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