Rainbow and Colors

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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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Beauty Behind Rainbows
A rainbow to me is the most spectacular light show on earth given by nature. It’s a beautiful sight to see a rainbow after a rainy period during the day. Have you ever wondered if there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Maybe you have or maybe you even tried to find it. Why do you think rainbows may appear after it rains? In this paper you will find out how rainbows are formed, the colors of the rainbow, and even interesting facts. A rainbow can be defined as a band of colors, from red on the inside to violet on the outside, which is assembled as an arc that is formed by reflection and refraction or bending of the sun’s rays inside raindrops. They appear when it is raining in one part of the sky and sunny in another. When you see a rainbow it is after it rains. The sun is always behind you and the rain in front of you when a rainbow appears, so the center of the rainbow’s arc is directly opposite the sun. You are able to see the colors of the rainbow because light of different colors is refracted when it travels from one medium, such as air, and into another, in this case, the water of the raindrops. When all the colors that make up sunlight are combined, they look white, but once they are refracted, the colors break up into the ones we see in a rainbow. You can never reach the end of a rainbow, where a pot of gold supposedly awaits. As you move, the rainbow that your eyes see moves as well, because the raindrops are at different spots into the atmosphere. Rainbows have no end because they are circles. You can see the complete circle of a rainbow from an airplane. There is no reason why you can’t see the end of a rainbow from the ground. For you see a rainbow, raindrops have to be falling somewhere in front of you, and once again the sun has to be behind you. That way the raindrops can reflect the light from the sun back to your eyes. You see that light as colors of the rainbow because light from the sun is made up of all possible...
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