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Rainbow Technologies
Company Profile
Durban +27 82 443 0007 peterc@rainbowtech.co.za
PO Box 1001 Wandsbeck 3631
Richards Bay +27 83 269 1268 hugos@rainbowtech.co.za
PO Box12240 Empangeni, 3880
Web Site : www.rainbowtech.co.za
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1. GENERAL ______________________________________________________________3 2. PRODUCTS & SERVICES ______________________________________________4 2.1. Summary ___________________________________________________________________4 2.2. Quality of Supply ___________________________________________________________5 2.3. Protection __________________________________________________________________7 2.4. Energy Efficiency __________________________________________________________8 2.5. Power Systems_____________________________________________________________9 2.6. Project Engineering & Design Services _________________________________ 10 2.7. Generation _______________________________________________________________ 11 3. QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL _________________________________ 12 4. SAFETY _______________________________________________________________ 13 5. BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT (BEE) __________________________ 14 6. CURRICULA Vitae OF TECHNICAL PERSONNEL _____________________ 15 7. MAJOR CLIENT LISTING _____________________________________________ 21 8. ERACS MODELLING SOFTWARE _____________________________________ 24 Rainbow Technologies Profile 2010 Page 3 of 24

RAINBOW TECHNOLOGIES – Specialist Electrical Engineers
Rainbow Technologies is a specialist electrical engineering organisation with over 18 years of service to the industry. Since formation in 1989, Rainbow Technologies has provided electrical engineering excellence to over 1000 clients in Africa and the rest of the world. Rainbow’s innovations include the patented Dip Doctor ™ (large, plant wide voltage dip proofing) and the HVIEWS™ system (on-line high voltage insulation condition monitoring). We provide specialist Analytical, Design & Project services to the supply utility, industrial, mining & smelting, and commercial industries, some of the major of which are listed later. Rainbow is also the exclusive licensed agent south of the equator for the ERACS power system simulation software, supplied by ERA Technologys UK.

Our expertise is acknowledged by over 80 publications and presentations locally and more than 10 internationally We have provided services nationwide in South Africa and in Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Outside of Africa, Rainbow Technologies has supplied services in Australia, Italy, Germany, mainland China and the UK. Our associated company is;
Rainbow Millenium Power Company (Pty) Ltd formed 2000
Rainbow Millenium Power Company (RMPC) was formed to develop the first greenfield Independent Power Producer in South Africa, as well as investing in environmentally friendly generation elsewhere in Africa. The current project under feasibility analysis, is for a 270MW circulating fluidised bed boiler power station burning waste coal. This project has an estimated capital cost of R4 billion Rand and completion by 2012. Rainbow Millenium Power Company has 3 directors and shareholders namely;  Peter Cowan

 Hugo Stewart and
 Syd Kelly
Both Peter and Hugo have extensive electrical experience in the consulting, project management and maintenance fields. Syd has many years experience of large project funding and corporate shareholding,, They are therfore well versed in the detailed engineering and project development/management required for such projects.

They have been involved in the Richards Bay project since it’s inception in 1997 and remain dedicated to it’s fruition. Along with the Richards Bay project, they have been active in Generation Projects in Mozambique, Namibia and Mpumalanga in RSA.

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