Rain: Sibling and Zachary Transform

Topics: Sibling, Family, Mother Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: January 18, 2013
From inside the house, the wind outside could be heard howling. The strong gust of wind shook the trees as the leaves rustle against each other. The sight and sound of raindrops hitting the window panes brought back fond memories as I sat by the window watching the dark mysterious sky open up. Ever since we were young, my mother had always warned me and my siblings not to play in the rain and about the ground swallowing children playing in the rain. Young and cheeky as we were, we wouldn't heed her advice. All of us, except Zandra, the second eldest among us all, would rush out to play whenever it rained. We loved to feel the raindrops hitting out face and to smell the freshness of the air. It was as if rain was a cleansing process on earth. Zandra, whom we called "goody-two-shoes", would complain to our mother and soon, the sight of our mother, with a cane in her hand and an umbrella in her other hand could be seen coming towards us. Without looking at each other, my brothers, Zachary and Zack and I would run into the house. Inside, dripping, we would be caned by our mother. Though it hurt, my brothers and I would be always caught playing in the rain whenever it rained. We could not be stopped. Perhaps, this was why I was closer to my brothers than Zandra, my sister. I would never forget the day when Zachary and I were alone at home. Mom and dad were taking Zack and Zandra to Uncle Ben's house. As they would be back way past my bedtime, I was not allowed to go. On the other hand, Zachary did not like to going to Uncle Ben's house as he claimed that it was too small and seemed like everything was crammed together. So, Zachary was left with the task of babysitting me. Between Zack and Zachary, I was closer to my eldest brother, Zachary. As I was the youngest in the family, Zachary was doted on me. No matter how busy he was, he would always make it a family, Zachary would be there whenever others too busy to hear my whines and sadness, Zachary...
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