Rain Man

Topics: Autism, Emotion, Rain Man Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: August 19, 2010
This paper deals with rain man movie to critique the most interesting character in it Raymond, his behavior, his language and what the problem he suffer. Charlie is a young and businessman who sells expensive cars for a living. One day he receives word his father died, that a man he had never spoken with him since along years, Charlie get back to his childhood home to get a care of his father's property, suddenly he surprised all of his dad's $3,000,000 estate was left to an unnamed man in a 'trust' .After investigating, Charlie discovered that the trust man was who lived in a home for the mentally disabled near his childhood house. When he discovered this institution with his girlfriend, Susanna, Charlie makes a nearly unbelievable discovery: The person to whom the trust is an autistic person his name Raymond Babbitt and he is Charlie's older brother. Charley had never known he had a brother, as his parents had never told him he had a brother. In his confusion, he became anger and greed, Charlie decides to take Raymond back with him. Raymond may be not prepared to leave the Ohio institution he has lived in his all life, but Charlie is decided to take what he thinks is his share of his father's estate. So, Charlie decides to fight for legal custody of his brother, as a way of being able to get to the $3,000,000 that his father had left for his brother. In their journey back to Los Angeles, Raymond nearly drives Charlie crazy with the maddening characteristics that are a function of his autism While, Raymond has a profound influence on Charlie, and so Charlie finally grows to love and accept his brother exactly as he is. I chose this character Raymond because he is interesting, suffering from psychology problem that we can call it autism and he showed us how these people are have a special capacity to do unordinary skill, some time their mind work such as the computer. Furthermore, there are four main characters in the movie, Charlie, Raymond...
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