Rain Man

Topics: Savant syndrome, Mental retardation, Autism Pages: 5 (1965 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Rain Man
In the movie “Rain Man” Directed by, Barry Levinson, Charlie Babbitt played by Tom Cruise, is a Los Angeles car dealer in the business of importing high end luxury cars to California. His current deal of bringing in four Lamborghinis is being threatened by the EPA for emissions. If Charlie is unable to meet its requirements he will lose $80000 in deposits plus all the money spent obtaining the cars. After some quick ploy with an employee, Charlie leaves on a weekend trip to Palm Springs with his girlfriend, Susanna played by Valeria Golino.

Just as Charlie begins his trip it’s quickly cancelled by the news father’s death. Charlie and Susanna travel to his hometown in Cincinnati, to settle the estate. In the meeting with the lawyer Charlie learns all he is to receive is a classic 1946 Buick Roadmaster convertible and several prize rose bushes. Also brought to Charlie’s attention is that an undisclosed party is inheriting his father’s estate worth in excess of $3 million dollars. Eventually Charlie learns the money is being directed to a patient at a mental institution, which is the home of his autistic older brother, Raymond played by Dustin Hoffman. Charlie reveals how he grew up as a rebellious child and that following the death of his mother, he ran away from home at age 16 to California where he lived ever since, never speaking to his father ever again even though he had ample opportunity. Just before Charlie flies to California, he took the Roadmaster out on his 16th birthday without his father's permission. His father subsequently called the police and reported the car was stolen. Charlie and his friends were picked up by the police and taken to jail. Charlie's father allowed the police to hold his son in jail for two days, while all of Charlie’s friends were been bailed out by their parents within hours. Ultimately Charlie asks the question that pervades the movie: "Why didn't somebody tell me I had a brother?" Raymond is high functioning autistic adult male. He has superb memory recall, but little understanding of subject matter thus making him something to the extent of a large child. This form of autism is called autistic savant. As with most people who suffer from autism Raymond is frightened by change and adheres to strict routines. When he is in distress, he shows little emotional expression and avoids eye contact, occasionally he screams and his himself in the head. Charlie is upset by learning that he has a brother and determined to get what he believes is his fair share of his father’s estate, Charlie tries blackmailing the Psychiatrist in charge of Wallbrook Mental Institution, Dr. Gerald R. Bruner played by Jerry Molen, to give him $1.5 Million dollars. When the Dr. Gerald R. Bruner does not concede to Charlie’s wishes, in an impetuous move to obtain the money Charlie takes Raymond on what becomes a cross-country car trip back to Los Angeles to meet with his attorneys. Charlie intends to start a custody battle in order to get Raymond's psychiatrist, Dr. Gerald R. Bruner (Jerry Molen), to settle out of court for Sanford Babbitt's estate, or at least fifty percent. During the course of the long journey, Charlie learns about Raymond's autism, which he initially believes is curable resulting in his frequent frustration with his brother's antics. Charlie also learns about how his brother came to be separated from his family, it was a result of an accident when he was left alone with Raymond when Charlie was around 2 years old. Charlie remembers the incident as early as he could remember and always thought that the person singing to him was an imaginary character, however it was Raymond singing "I Saw Her Standing There" by The Beatles. Charlie proves to be sometimes shallow and manipulative, as when he uses Raymond's precision memory and takes him to Las Vegas to win money at blackjack by counting cards. Winning big proves too much when casino...
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