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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Art of Racing in the Rain Narrative Assignment
            From the day I got Enzo, to now, there have been something that has just made him stick out from other dogs. Enzo is a great caretaker and understands me more than anyone. Although a dogs memory does not last long, I know he will carry those memories onto his next life.  There has been too much Enzo has gone through with my family for him to forget the past. I come home from work and scream, “Yo, Zo!” She doesn’t respond, but Enzo comes flying out of nowhere at starts wiggling his tail wanting to be scratched. As I go into the kitchen and pull out the chicken, Enzo jumps up and down as if he knows what we are having for dinner. I try to calm him down, but I can feel his heart racing. I find a little accident left on the rug from Enzo, and I could not be mad at him because it was my fault in the first place for coming home late from work.  I talk in a smooth voice to Enzo so that he could listen to the tone of my voice and not confuse how I present myself in front of Enzo, and how Enzo is suppose to interpret me. Usually Enzo understands what I am saying, although I feel like I am talking to myself more than half the time. As I prepare supper for myself I start to watch a race that one of my friends taped a while ago of me. Man I looked so good out there weaving in and around cars. There was nothing like going to Texas or Ohio for a weekend and coming back home with a trophy in my hands. I decide to take Enzo out of the apartment to get some fresh air. I notice something is wrong with Enzo’s hip so I only walk him to the end of the block and back. Although it was a quick walk, I gave Enzo a treat and let him settle down in his bed, which was right next to mine. I call my friend Mike in hope for that he can cover for me tomorrow at work, because Enzo has had a past with his medical conditions so it was time to take him to the Vet again. I don’t understand why the Veterinarians can’t figure out what is...
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