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By | November 2012
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A Venkateshwar, IRAS, Director/C-TARA/SCR

* Indian Railways have exhibited signs of a turnaround in the last three years and the improvement in the performance has been significant , especially in FY05-06. An attempt has therefore been made to analyze (a) the improvement in FY05-06 over FY04-05 and

(b) the projections made for FY06-07 over FY05-06.

* The analysis is based on :
a) 04-05 - actual performance as per accounts.
b) 05-06 - likely performance as per revised estimates .
c) 06-07 - projected performance as per budget estimates .

* The analysis is contained in the three annexures enclosed. Annexure – A : Financials of revenue operations and capital investments. Annexure - B : Pattern of Goods traffic.
Annexure - C : Pattern of Passenger traffic.

( Source : Railway Budget 2006-07 Documents – Explanatory Memorandum)

ANALYSIS OF Financials
Annexure a


Total receipts

* In 05-06, share of passenger earnings to total receipts dropped from 29% to 27%, while share of freight earnings went up by 2% to 65%. * Recorded a growth of 15% ( 7375 Crs.) in 05-06 over 04-05 , due to a 7% increase in passenger earnings and 11% increase in freight earnings. * Are expected to increase by 10% (5412 crs.) in 06-07., due to a 11 % increase in passenger earnings and 10% increase in freight earnings.

In 06-07, it is expected that ,
* Misc. receipts will grow by 8% against 3% in 05-06, due to increase in subsidy. * Passenger earnings will grow by 11% against 7% in 05-06. * Goods earnings will grow only by 10% against 19% in 05-06 during which period there was approximately an 8% increase in the permissible loading per wagon. . * Sundry earnings will fall by 27% against a growth of 56% in 05-06, due to the continued transfer of catering activities to IRCTC.. * Traffic Suspense will increase by 50%, against a drop...

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