Railway Work Shop

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1. Acknowledgement
2. Introduction
3. Layout of Railway Workshop
4. Salient Features of Jodhpur Railway Workshop
5. B.T.C.
6. Shop Organization
7. Machine Shop
8. Mill Wright Shop
9. Black Smith & Heat Treatment Shop
10. Roller Bearing
11. Corrosion Shop
12. Brake Gearing Shop
13. Lifting Shop
14. Project


To make any endeavor successful, especially where the cooperation so many is needed, a lot of help is needed from those who are in a position to help. In the Engineering field only theoretical knowledge cannot satisfy an Engineer’s need and only on the basis an Engineer cannot do field work efficiently therefore it is very important for an Engineering student to opt some training. To get this knowledge every student of engineer college takes training according to his own branch in a well established factory or an organization in which work is being done practical and how practical work is managed in normal working condition. I am grateful to MR.RAJAT BHAGWAT, the Training and placement officer, M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur for giving me the permission fro training. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made my training at NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY WORKSHOP, (JODHPUR) not only possible, but also a learning experience.

My sincere thanks to the Sh. Mr. B.C.Soni (B.T.C. Chief Instructor), Mr. M.S.Solanki (Sr. Instructor), Mr. R.K.Jain (Sr. Instructor), Mr. A.K.Gautam (Sr. Instructor), Mr. Rajesh Purohit (Sr. Instructor), Mr.Premdas Vaishnav (Sec.Engineer), Mr.Rajendra (Ju.Engineer), Mr. L.P.Verma (Sr.Sec.Engineer), Mr.Rajendra Sisodia (Store Clerk), Smt. Urmila Solanki (Office Clerk)

I also express my sincere thanks to the incharge of B.T.C. for their regular Guidance and their helpful nature without which I cannot complete my training.

I am also thankful to all the incharge of Jodhpur Railway Workshop and their sub ordinates and workers, which helped us a lot and shown the interest in us, it gives me a great pleasure in presenting my training report on Jodhpur Railway Workshop.

Sumita Hemrom
B.E.II Year Student Mechanical Engineering M.B.M. Engg. College, Jodhpur


Jodhpur workshop is handled by Chief Workshop Manager. He is assisted by a team of officers with the sectional staff as under:

C.W.M. Sh. S.D.Meena Dy. C.M.E. Sh. D.S. Bhati W.M. Sh. J.P. Sharma W.E.E. Sh. R.S.Choudhary S.P.O Sh. N.S. Chawada S.A.F.A. Sh. K.C. Ramdeo X.En. Sh. D.R. Choudhary A.W.M. Sh. R.A.Yadav W.A.E.E. Sh. L.D. Gautam A.F.A. Sh. S.S.Ram


Workshop is located near main Railway station of Jodhpur. This workshop is well established and running successfully as a complete organization.

In 1969, to increase administrative efficiency, the post of “Works Manager” was upgraded to Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer.

Now a days, this workshop has not only stopped importing valuable and costly components but also started the production of some essential and sophisticate components....
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