Railway System

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Railway Management System


* Introduction
* Proposal
* Problems of the Existing System
* New System Objectives

In order to complete a degree in Computer Science at Informatics College Bicutan Corporation, students are required to complete C2002, Database Management System. In this 3 credit, 1 semester (5 months) course, students work together in a team environment (with roughly in a team 3- 4 people per group or even individual) to design and construct a database system. Before embarking on their project, students will have taken courses in basic programming, as well as in the use and design of data structures, currently using VB.Net. In addition, they will have taken database management theory course where they become familiar with the basics of analysis, design, testing and other database management practices.

I Crystaline Villanueva proposed a ticketing database system for the Philippine National Railway. After gathering all the facts and what I observed. My goal is to help the PNR to provide a good service for the public people. And to help them to tabulate their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income and how many passengers they hop in to their destination. Software Requirement: SQL SERVER, VB.NET

Hardware Requirements:

Create a Database. Name file as PNR (Philippine National Railway) Create the following tables with the given structures.

Problems of the Existing System
* Lack of computers to use
* Computer Illiterate
* Manual process of ticketing basis
* Difficult in filing the ticket records

New System Objectives
* Eliminating the problem and workloads of the staff
* Computerizing the ticket booth
* Having a Computerizing Database using SQL Server
* Helps the staff from recording the tickets
* Eliminating data redundancy, errors and inconsistency of data
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