Railway Reservation

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Following is a logical and conceptual description of system functionality for all possible scenario, including the interaction required between the system users and the system. Case 1:
These are the actors which are the passengers. He can interact with the system in 3 ways: 1)Request for booking ticket:
When the user requests to book a ticket, the system first asks the user to enter the source and destination cities. Then, he is supposed to enter the preferred dates of journey. The system then checks with the database to find matches against the entered keywords. All the available trains between the entered stations are displayed. The user can then choose between these available trains, check for availability and fare of the chosen train, even view the schedule of the train. The availability is displayed in the form of a table, with number of available seats, number of seats in waiting. After checking the fare and availability, if the user decides to book tickets for that particular train, a registration page is then displayed. The user enters details like name, sex, age, address etc. He can book preferred seats and class of travel. The user can also choose the payment option from internet banking, payment through credit card, debit card, PayPal. He then enters the crucial information about his account (for payment mode selected). Transaction is made online, first authenticated with the bank and then payment is completed. After transaction processing is completed, the user gets a unique booking number and PNR (Personal Name Record). He can print the booked ticket or save it to be printed later. An e-mail is also sent to the user (on the entered e-mail address) with the booking details. An entry about this booking is also updated in the “booked ticket” database.

2)Request for cancellation/modification:
As already stated, after booking a ticket, the passenger gets a unique booking number and a unique PNR. If the user wishes to cancel the...
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