Railway Re-Orientation in Bangladesh

Topics: Transportation, Rail transport, Mode of transport Pages: 42 (31844 words) Published: November 25, 2008
Page 1 of 98 RE-ORIENTATION OF BANGLADESH RAILWAY: A MARKET INTEGRATION STUDY BY MD. SAIDUR RAHMAN ID NO.: 40201045 A Thesis submitted to the Department of Marketing, Evening MBA Program, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, in partial fulfillment of the requirement of Internship Program for the degree Of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION August 10, 2005 DECLARATION I hereby certify that the research work reported in this project paper has been performed by me and this work has not been submitted elsewhere for any other purposes except for publication and thesis. August 10, 2005 Md. Saidur Rahman Page 2 of 98 Page 3 of 98 PREFACE This Project Paper has been prepared on “Re-orientation of Bangladesh Railway: A Market Integration Study ” for the partial fulfillment of the Internship program of Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The purpose behind this report writing is to make the students knowledgeable and capable in writing a project paper individually. As I am serving Bangladesh Railway as an Assistant Executive Engineer, I feel free to choose an exceptional but important topic on Bangladesh Railway as project paper for my Internship. While preparing this report, I have to study my organization as well as transportation sector of Bangladesh thoroughly and thus received practical knowledge about the present situation of Bangladesh Railway and country’s transport sector. The specific objective of this study is to identify & analyze various problems & prospects and marketing issues of Bangladesh Railway and to provide a set of recommendations to make railway as a profitable market-led commercial organization of the Government. I feel very much proud having a chance of writing a report on such exciting and important topic. While preparing this report, I have to study some selected writings on Transportation system & Infrastructure policies of Bangladesh & other countries and also have to search the web and thus received important information on the subject. This report has been prepared with utmost sincerity. But due to time constraint, there might be some lacking. As all the information of this paper is based on secondary data, there is very much possible that some details could not be included. Hope these minor omissions would be overlooked. I take the opportunity to thank our teacher, Professor M A Quddus, Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, to give me such a unique opportunity to prepare a project paper on such excellent topic, which will be very helpful and knowledgeable to me throughout my career. I am grateful to him for guidance in preparation of this report. I also thank all my friends and family members for their constant support in writing the report. Thank you. Md. Saidur Rahman Date: August 10, 2005 Page 4 of 98 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I express my deepest sense of gratitude to the respected supervisor, Professor M A Quddus, Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, who assigned me to prepare this report. His valuable suggestions and important guidelines on report preparation helped me a lot in preparing this report. His valuable instructions, constant inspiration, enormous patience and affectionate guidance contribute to my academic experience throughout the course work. My special thanks to them who helped me providing information directly or indirectly, especially to Additional Director General/Infrastructure, General Manager/Project and Additional Chief Engineer/Bridge of Bangladesh Railway. I humbly render my sincere gratitude to all teachers and staffs of the Department of Marketing to help me directly and indirectly and also my friends for their cooperation. I also extend my indebtedness to my parents and family members. Finally, I would like to offer my thanks to Mr. Foyez Ahmed and other staffs of the Department of Marketing of Dhaka University for providing various facilities and support. August 10, 2005 Page 5 of 98...
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