Raiders of the Lost Ark

Topics: Lightning, Sound, Raiders of the Lost Ark Pages: 2 (909 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Jon Rohrbaugh

Raiders of the Lost Ark 57:33-1:01:00
“Uncovering the Well of Soles”

I have chosen to evaluate a scene from Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana and Sallah uncover the Well of Soles where the lost ark is hidden. We open the scene at 57:03 with Indiana leading a team of diggers up a hill to the spot where they will dig for the ark. As the scene opens we hear the diegetic sounds of the diggers and commotion taking place in the background. We also hear non-diegetic music that will be referred to as the “ark theme” playing as Indiana climbs the hill and has his men start to dig for the ark. The slow and sort of creepy tone that makes up the ark theme reminds us of the continuing quest for the ark and also that the ark may very well be close by. At 58:00, the non-diegetic music briefly cuts for about four seconds but then picks up once again as Indiana turns around to whistle for his men to start digging. As the digging begins, the music picks up and gets louder and louder. The rise in the non-diegetic music builds the suspense and excitement of the scene and foreshadows the big discovery that lies ahead. At 58:26 the scene dissolves into a shot of the dig site from afar. Although the non-diegetic music ended, we pick up with the diegetic music or sound of the tune that the workers hum as they dig. We can also hear the diegetic sounds of the wind howling and we see the sun setting in the background showing us that a cold night is approaching. The coloring from the sun set gives the shot a feel that something great is about to happen yet provides a sense of mystery for those who don’t know what is to come. In this shot we cannot see a detailed view of our characters, rather just the shadows of the digging men and Indy. We are easily able to pick out Indy despite only being able to see character shadows simply because we see him put on his trademark hat which he is famous for wearing. At 58:44 the shot cuts to yet...
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