"Ragtime" by E. L. Doctorow - Stylistic Analisys

Topics: Woman, E. L. Doctorow, Girl Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Text Analysis

I am going to tell you about an extract from E.L. Doctorow’s novel “Ragtime”. In the 1920’s Ragtime was a form of music, song and dance of black US origin. We can distinctly see the structure of the text: its exposition, the story, climax and denouement. In the exposition a Negro man who was looking for a young woman named Sarah is described. He was driving along the street in a new car which was shining and gleaming trying to find the needed address. He was dressed wealthy, his hand were gloved. Analysing such a description we can tell that he was a man of a fortune. So he found the place, knocked at the door and a woman opened. He asked her if he could speak with Sarah. The woman left him outside and climbed up to Sarah’s room. The girl was not sitting at the window as usual by standing rigidly in front of the door with her hands folded. She said she didn’t want to see him and asked to send him away. Coming back to the stranger the woman found him in her kitchen near the carriage with Sarah’s baby. She was outraged because of his bold actions and said him Sarah could not accept him. He left. But then he came every Sunday with the same result – the girl didn’t accept him. The manner of Sarah’s behavior suggests that maybe she was offended by this man and it was hard for her to meet him. Still we understand that she was often sitting at the window waiting for someone. And her baby is likely to be the man’s child. Coalhouse Walker Jr., such was the Negro’s name, lived a long way from the place and still he came every week and always obediently left. Sarah was intransigent. But the hostess began to regret this fact. She could see that Coalhouse was not a bad person. He was well-spoken, he was persistent but not rude, he conducted himself as a gentleman. She understood what relationship must have been between him and Sarah and wanted to help the girl. She decided to accept him at her house though her husband was against. So...
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