Raga and Tala

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ta Raga and it’s evolutionClassical music is characterised as the traditional music. This music is just opposite to the western classical music. There are some sets of rules which are followed in all sorts of classical music which belonged to 16th to 17th century. A buzz is required by every musician to create music. With the help of musical instruments like the tanpura or the harmonium singers created music. Raga and taal is considered to be the two important pillars of Indian music in the present system.The melodic form of music is known as raag whereas the rhythmic form is taal. The two main branches of Indian music is the northern and southern.The hindi speaking regions like the north-west and the east has the north indian classical music. Gharana was developed and encouraged by family system in these areas. Gharanas resulted in developing a very different style of classical music, genres and instruments. The development of music occurred in the following way firstly came the songs, then came the notes, followed by the Sharutis and the jaties (ragas). The development of songs started with human civilisation is not true because birds and animals also create songs, so we can say songs are everywhere. But it is true that the songs got complicated with the civilization of the humans and the language gave them some meaning. Primarily evolved poems of love, separation, nature, beauty and other emotional aspects. The indian vedas contains four notes in there music. When several notes are combined into a composition which is enjoyed by our ears is a Raga. the indian scale raga utilises variation in ascending and descending pattern which tells that in raga some notes are upward and certain notes are downward, but in a set sequence. The minimum requirement for a tune is five notes which are compulsory in a raga. Feeling and sentiments a related to raga. it has 72 melas or parentscales on which raga is based.Ragas ElementsNada:- It refers to the first element of raga...
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